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About us

Using extensive experience, contacts and management partners from Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands, the Tulipan Group gathered the best European architects, hotel consultants, as well as other experts needed to realize projects according to the highest international standards.

With our services, we cover the increasingly demanding market of those interested in investing in real estate in Croatia.

Tulipan Group's role in projects includes acquisition, project development, obtaining permits, financial analysis and consulting, preparation of financial indicators of project profitability, sales and marketing, legal services to interested customers, construction and professional supervision, construction site management, property maintenance, property and center management.

Our goal is to realize the project to the satisfaction of the clients, with careful planning and continuous monitoring of each of its individual phases. Total loyalty to our clients and our clients' interests are our first priority.

Founded in 2005, Tulipan Group specializes in Croatia for:

  • Land acquisition
  • Development of projects
  • Creation of architectural projects
  • Property management
  • Financial structuring and bookkeeping services
  • Legal services
  • Project management
  • Presentation of projects to investors
  • Sales and marketing
  • Construction and professional supervision
  • Property maintenance
  • Taking over and rehabilitation of real estate projects
  • Asset and center management


Projects in progress
Realized projects


Driven by the desire to contribute to the improvement of the community and to demonstrate the social responsibility of our company, the philanthropic spirit of the Tulipan Group is focused on supporting actions and programs intended for the most vulnerable groups in the community.


Tulipan Group, together with its sister companies, supports a number of humanitarian actions, of which we highlight: the sponsor of Ivan Bošković's performance at the 16th Children's Festival "Mali Split 2006"; donation of the 10th international scientific meeting "School of Psychotherapy of Psychosis", organized by ISPS Croatia, Croatian Medical Association, Split Branch; a donation for the treatment of little Mario, who has been 100% disabled since birth due to his health problems; donation of the action "Hercegovina Posavina" for the purpose of rebuilding Posavina destroyed by the war; donation to the Goodwill Association - friends of the families of veterans and victims; donation to the Association of Croatian Homeland War Volunteers of Split-Dalmatia County.


Tulipan Group supports the fund-raising campaign for the construction of the "Matošić" Home for the Elderly and Infirm in Mejaši, organized by the Rotary Club Split, inspired by the humanity of the Matošić sisters who donated land and financial resources for the realization of this project.


Tulipan Group supports the humanitarian campaign "Be good, be a Samaritan", whose goal is to collect HRK 1 million intended to improve the living conditions of the little residents of the Samaritan Center, a special institution for providing care services outside of their own family to immobile people with a more pronounced degree of mental and physical retardation; International Police Association (IPA), Croatian section, organizes the publication of the Traffic Coloring Book for children, with the aim of teaching the rules of traffic behavior for this youngest population. Tulipan Group recognized this action as very valuable in educating children and decided to participate in financing


Our company Mejaši supported the organization of the 3rd Congress of Croatian Architects, in the Golden Sponsor category, held from November 25 to 27, 2010 at the Le Meredien Lav hotel in Split. The congress was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Architects and the Association of Croatian Architects. In addition to domestic representatives, some of the most prominent international experts participated in the Congress, whose architectural excellence and deep public impact can act as a permanent affirmative for the promotion of architecture and urbanism as socially relevant disciplines.


In the Tulipan group, you will find a young, pulsating and international team, which will provide you with the opportunity for professional development and advancement.

Our company is developing very quickly and all employees in the company contribute to its growth, creating an atmosphere of teamwork and joint cooperation.

We always need talented and motivated people to join us, at all levels.

If you are interested in developing a career in the field of real estate development, or you already have such work experience but are looking for a change, contact us for more information or call and arrange an interview.

Contact: tulipan@tulipan.hr

Plenty of challenges, responsibilities and recognition await you in the Tulipan group.

Our team

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Head of finance and accounting

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Office manager



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